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Love the presentation

And how it all ties together at the end with that random man haha. That in itself made it replay worthy hahaha! Well put together!

KwikToon responds:

Thank you.

Collab was the greatest idea!

AP, great job finding a way to improve thise series. The collab was by far the greatest thing you could have done for this series. There were tons of individual skits that I laughed at. And the drawn out Wright and Edgeworth were reall cool too. Way to go for not giving up on this series!

I give you props.

Man, at least you're improving with each one you make. Your loader was interesting, add a progress bar. I actually laughed at this one. and your lip sync was alot better this time too. Keep finding ways to use thse sprites and I'm sure that you'll get your series noticed.

Xenolord responds:

I'm glad you think I'm improving! And, to tell you the truth. I have NO CLUE how to make progress bars. If ANYONE knows how, or can show me a site which I can learn, it would be greatly apreciated. Thank you for your nice review.

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Nice Start

But this will be a stepping stone to more complex projects. For what it is, it's very solid, but lacks content that will keep me interested. Thanks for submitting.

Idan13 responds:

actually this isnt my first flash this is like my 1000 flash... any how this wasn't suppose to be a good graphic game.
it took me 3 hours to make it so i didint really invested making it

I see that you used my suggestion!

Now I had something to aim for and even got commentary on how I did. I liked that. And the option to turn off the BGM was a nice addition as well. What more can you do to this short of adding more levels? Not much; it's pretty much a done deal. Very polished presentation, and I look forward to seeing what you'll create next.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:


Thanks for that suggestion btw.

I don't think more levels should be added - 11 is a nice number and it's short enough to encourage people to spend a short time pausing, thinking and planning ahead. If it were too long, having to repeat it to get a perfect score would get kinda annoying and fewer would bother, I think.

Now, I'm gonna try and get 20 simple microgames ready for Christmas (the 1d flipper game will be one).

Thanks for the top review.

Stay funky!

Reminds me of Lethal Enforcers!

I'm lovin it! I almost didn't wait out the load but I'm glad that I did. Awesome intergration of real life video, flash FPS mechanics and corny ass acting.

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Parodies are usually pretty creative.

Hey at least the lyrics show alot more thought than most (all?) of the KK flashes lol. I give you props for a pretty well-made parody; at least there is some tangible quality to this. You can't really say that it's bad at all, it's a fun listen for people who are pretty understanding in the NG culture.

But we all know that you're not really sorry for all those flashes haha.

I've always enjoyed female voices.

Voices add character to music and it really makes this remix interesting. I like how you utilized her voice samples. The beat is really enjoyable as well. Keep pumping out stuff like this! Hope to hear more from you soon.

DJExcalibur responds:

Thanks. I like it how i managed to actually compose every aspect of the song using my keyboard unlike those cheap bastards who use someone elses loops and compile them together to make their 'own song'. Anyway, thanks for the review. More songs soon.

Interesting track too!

I really liked the last part of the track, it was pretty bold. It actully caught me by surprise cause I wasn't expecting it at all. I just happened to be reviewing everything on the newly submitted and 27 and 28 were right next to each other. Keep up that ineteresting style you do!

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